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Would you like to enhance one’s golf game or improve one’s posture?  What would you say about a tool that has the ability to improve coordination and make it so that one is less susceptible to injury?  How would you feel about a device that could re-train an injured muscle or joint so that it can perform normally again?

Balance is one of the key components necessary for an individual to successfully navigate their environment.  Balance is also one of the most important aspects of successful performance in all sports activities and functions.

Biomechanical Services knows the importance of balance and has made it possible for you to take control of yours.

The Balance Sandal and the Rocker Board have been made available to help one bring awareness to their bodies position, muscle and joint movement, and sensory input, all of which play an important role in balance.  With the ability to control these facets of one’s body, one will become a stronger, straighter, and more competitive individual.   

The Balance Sandal and the Rocker Board are very useful tools designed to help develop nerve receptors that inform the brain about the exact position and movement that occurs in all activities.  Without optimal proprioception, one cannot protect their joints and coordinate movement and balance.

With the sandals, an individual is required to use
greater postural activity to maintain balance.

With the Rocker Board the patient is required to keep their balance as they redirect motion in different axes.


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