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Returns / Exchanges

Applied Orthotic Therapy
Each pair of foot orthoses (orthotic devices) are custom made from molding impressions of someone’s feet. Once formed, orthotic devices will not fit someone else. Biomechanical Services does not extend credit for open invoices when devices are returned. While individual therapeutic results are not guaranteed, Biomechanical Services is committed to achieving the best possible response to each orthotic therapy prescription.

Four Month Warranty
Biomechanical Services provides a four month warranty for materials and workmanship on each new pair of devices we make. Should a shell crack, top cover materials begin pealing apart or posting material separate from the shell, our laboratory technicians will replace defective components at no charge, including costs for standard shipping services to and from the laboratory. Unless the positive molding models are returned at the request of the ordering practitioner, Biomechanical Services will store them during the standard four month warranty period.

If contours in a shell or other molded materials are causing irritation to someone’s foot, our technicians will modify the irregular shape at no charge during the standard four month warranty period. Post angles that over-correct someone’s gait or conversely provide insufficient functional control can also be modified at no charge under our standard four month warranty. Shipping charges are applied on outbound shipments for modifications to shape and posts.

If foot orthoses are returned for adjustments and additional components or modifications are made that would have been billed on the original invoice, had they been requested initially, standard fees will be charged for those additional components.

Therapeutic Response
Biomechanical Services’ goal is to provide effective orthotic therapy. That objective is the only acceptable outcome for our customers and their patients. Any orthotic device that is uncomfortable or irritating to someone’s foot does not fulfill the expectations of everyone concerned.

Given the innumerable problems that can result in an unsatisfactory response to orthotic therapy, every unresponsive patient case is evaluated individually for needed laboratory intervention.

Various descriptions of discomfort location, irritation onset, wearing time, shoe wear irregularities and possible improvements should be noted for review. Using the preprinted Repair Order Form is the best way to alert our technicians to adverse patient responses.

Cases where conditions lead to a dissatisfied patient that is beyond the control of either the clinician or laboratory are best handled by allowing our technicians to intervene, making modifications based on subjective criterion. Modifications to correct any orthotic deficiencies should be made at least once within the standard four month warranty period. If after the assessment by our laboratory technicians, further modifications would not result in a favorable response, alternate devices may be fabricated to replace those originally ordered.

Beyond the Standard Warranty
Adjustments and alterations to orthotic devices outside the four month warranty are charged on a per component basis. Charges for shipments are applied to outbound modified devices.

Custom Copy
Plaster molds of existing orthotic devices can be made off almost any appliance put into a pair of shoes. This technique is a good way to duplicate a pair of devices that are comfortable or specific contours that a patient finds comfortable. Custom Copy devices are billed at our regular rate for new orthotic devices.

There is not a charge for the Custom Copy process, although the original pair will likely be stripped down to expose shell contours. There would be charges for additions or other modifications to the original pair, were it refurbished for future use.

If an orthotic shell is cracked or broken, often a plaster custom copy of it can be formed to use in fabricating another pair of devices. Our laboratory technicians assess each case for possible replacement services.

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